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We don’t put roasted dates on our coffee beans. When you order is when we roast. We have the shortest distance from you to the growers. From selecting the beans to roasting, COMPANIE & CO places quality, integrity, and value on every single bean.


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Choose 5 different samples of coffee beans from our current stock rotation to see what you’ve been missing. All blends, espresso, and single origins are available to you. Organic as well at no extra price.

Why Buy Coffee Online?

Nowadays, the best quality products aren’t found in stores. Buying coffee is no different.

Companie & Co is the best place to buy coffee online in America. Our coffee beans are roasted and shipped to order – usually in the same day. Here at Companie & Co, you can shop our selections of gourmet coffee blends, single origin coffee, espresso and more.  Our quality coffee is selected from the best coffee beans from all over the world. We offer specialty coffee at a quality that you can’t buy in a grocery store.

The Fresh Roasted Coffee Experience.

Ordering from Companie & Co means you get access to an ever expanding selection of Single Origins, Blends, Espressos, and Organic coffees; all of which are meticulously roasted to perfection. We only offer whole bean coffee to preserve the beautiful flavor and aroma that will help you brew the best cup of coffee you’ve ever experienced.

You are the COMPANIE you keep.


Companie & Co was founded to promote positive business practices across the globe. Partnering with coffee providers who source from regional farms and growers that use the money earned through the sale of coffee to enrich sometimes impoverished locations, we seek to be a part of the solution rather than make money contributing to the problem.

Our logo is the mighty eagle. We still believe in the value of a great nation doing great things.