The Companie Dispatch:


We are all concerned about the effects of this COVID-19 epidemic happening around the world and within our own country. We wanted you to know what we have done and are doing to safeguard our customers, suppliers, employees, and families.


In January, upon hearing about the COVID-19 epidemic, we moved a significant amount of green coffee to our local facility and transferred many of our other coffee lots to LA to avoid any shipping issues that might arise. 

Our Staff: 

We have implemented training and process improvements to protect our staff. Everything from more frequent cleaning to creating a safe space for our staff has been developed. By early February, our plan was in place and has proven effective so far.

Our Production: 

We are very proud of our license status. As a licensed food manufacturer, we already follow a strict process (GMP) that protects the product from contamination from all pathogens including Corona type viruses such as the Covid-19. We have taken this a step further by isolating production lines so that each batch of coffee exits the roaster, is packaged, heat-sealed and placed in its final shipping container all by 1 person on a single line. Normally during peak demand times, we run 2 person lines but under the current circumstances, we will not. This process keeps our product and people safe while still ensuring great customer service. As a licensed food manufacturer, we are considered an essential business and exempt from this and all closure orders. 

Our Capacity: 

The volume of orders has dramatically increased, even surpassing holiday demand. We are managing this by adding shifts and staff as well as expanding operating hours. 


Both UPS and USPS continue to operate as ‘normal’. We are not seeing significant changes in delivery times with either service. With USPS, we are however being limited to a single pick- up each day with less reliability. This results in occasional order delays as we are still packaging well after the once a day pick up, so coffee goes out the next day. Once again, not resulting in significant delays but bear this in mind. 

In Summary: 

We take the Covid 19 crisis seriously. We are a family run business and all of our employees are family or very close friends. We will continue to operate and carefully protect them. 

We have prepared for the current situation and expected progression in the coming months. 

We are actively supporting our own community and farmers at origin during this difficult time. 

We encourage you to thoughtfully support your communities, take care of your family and friends.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in sending us an email.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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