The Companie Story

Who we are and why we do this

Our Mission

To promote sustainable global businesses that do more good than harm and to contribute to the world a delicious and well balanced cup of joe.

Our Love

Whether it be late night study sessions in grad school, finding a moment in a busy day to keep us going, or that first taste in the morning that pulls us from our slumber, a cup of coffee has always been an unsuspecting yet welcome bedfellow and a part of our lives.

Over the years, coffee has become more and more a crucial part of everyday life for so many people. The varieties of coffee, coffee shops, brands and overall industry has grown amazingly. But, the quality of coffee hasn’t grown with the expanding industry. Much like everything, there’s a lot more out there yet a lot less worth having. We started Companie & Co because we found that a properly roasted, well brewed, fresh cup of coffee is an experience much different than what people rush to get on their way to work or settle for in grocery stores. Not that you can’t take it to work with you, but why settle for over-roasted, mediocre crap that’s out there.

This is our love. Bringing happiness and quality to you and doing so while supporting sustainability and growth around the world.

Companie & Co has built relationships that create a very short distance between cup and the growers of the coffee. From sourcing the coffee to roasting, the number of hands that the coffee goes through is very few. Having been a part of humanitarian efforts at the United Nations and through continuing efforts to support and build local infrastructure, our importer has not only been a driving force for communities to embrace coffee as a means to create economic stability, but also has created relationships with community leaders and governments as a partner in the success of their agricultural efforts. Also, our importer is uniquely the roaster.

This means that ethical labor is implemented during the harvesting and the revenues of sales are used to directly improve the lives of farmers. From the moment of harvesting, the beans are hand selected for quality, while knowing the conditions and practices of roasting. This gives a unique level of quality control from the ground up. Literally.