Siphon Coffee

Companie BREWING GUIDE for:

Siphon / Vacuum pot

What you need:



  1. Fill the bottom component with your filtered water and heat to a soft boil.
  2. Grind the coffee to a medium grind (table salt) – avoid trying to increase the brew strength with a finer grind as this will cause for a slower drain time.
  3. Insert and attach the filter flush into the top component. Once the water in the bottom component is boiling, attach the top component. 
  4.  As the water begins to rise into the top component, reduce the heat. The water will bubble heavily at first, but once the bubbling reduces to small bubbles, you are ready to brew. The water temp should be between 185ºF – 195ºF.
  5. Add the coffee and stir in a figure eight motion (not circular) for 15 seconds to wet all the coffee. Start the timer.
  6. Let the coffee brew, undisturbed, for :30 and stir again gently.
  7. At a 1:15 remove your siphon from its heat source and give it one last stir.
  8. The coffee will begin to draw downward and finally rest in the bottom. You’ll know it’s ready when a dome of grounds has formed at the top of the filter, and when the coffee at the bottom has begun to bubble a bit.
  9. Remove the top component and pour and let sit, but don’t serve just yet. The coffee will be very hot. 

TRY Siphon / Vacuum pot with:


MEDIUM: Lemongrass, Pear, Grapefruit

Organic Mexico Altura

MEDIUM+: Caramel, Green Apple, Orange


MEDIUM: Sweet, Nutty, Cocoa Notes