How often is the coffee shipped?

Select the frequency that you would like to receive your coffee – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and we’ll make sure you are well stocked.

What are the subscription options?

Signing up for Companie & Co Coffee allows you to tailor your subscription to specifically meet your coffee needs. Just choose how much, how often, what category and we’ll ensure that it is roasted to order then shipped to your door.

Single Origins subscription brings you our top of the line coffee with every shipment. These coffees are of different roasts depending on what tastes best for each bean, and they vary in sweetness and acidity.

The Blend subscription is a rotating selection of our signature blends. This is designed for the regular coffee drinker who likes the familiarity of balanced and bold flavors.

The Espresso subscription is just espresso.

Can I change the type of coffee I receive on my subscription?

You may change your current subscription at any time to an Origins, Blends, or Espresso subscription. Head over to your Account Page and go to Subscription Details.  If you have found a specific coffee that you only want, please send us a message so we can set that up for you.

Can I change the amount of coffee I receive with every shipment?


It’s simple to change the amount of coffee you receive with every shipment by simply heading over to “Account Info” and click “Upgrade or Downgrade”.  Here y0u can change the number of bags and frequency of your shipments.

Can I get more of the last subscription coffee you sent me?

Yes of course!  Please send us a message and we will get it roasted for you!

Can I pause my subscription?

Going on vacation? Too much coffee and need to hit pause? Just want to take a break? No need to cancel. It’s easy to skip one or more shipments.  Either go to your Account Subscription page and “downgrade” your subscription or send us a message and we will do it for you.

What beans will you be sending? Are they different every time?

We follow the tilt of the Earth and the harvest cycles from all corners of the coffee growing world to seek out the most transcendent and interesting green beans from the top growers, roast them to perfection, and deliver them to you at their peak of freshness.

Returns, Cancellations, Billing & Gifts

What is your return policy?

At Companie & Co, our goal is to provide our guests with impeccable service, the highest-quality goods, and of course, delicious coffee. We want you to be happy with your experience, so we strive to make sure our return policies reflect that.

Is there a cancellation cut off time?

Since we roast our coffee fresh-to-order, we do ask that you give us a minimum of two days to enact a cancellation request. Any cancellation received within two business days of your shipment leaving the building, will be applied to the following shipment. Any shipments that are returned outside of this acceptable cancellation window are subject to a flat-rate shipping charge of $7.00.

Coffee is perishable and our whole beans are roasted to order, so we’re unable to accept returns on coffee. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! If there was an error with your order, please contact us at support@companie.co within 20 days of your purchase. If you were dissatisfied with your coffee, our expert Customer Support team will help you track down your soon-to-be favorites.

When will I be billed for my subscription?

Subscription shipments are billed the day before your coffee is scheduled to roast and ship.

You can always check your upcoming bill and ship date by logging in to your account and  the subscription section of your Account Dashboard.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, locate the Cancel button in the Subscriptions section of your Account.

Do you have gift options?

We are definitely offering gifts options.  They will be on our website very soon.  In the meantime, please contact us and we will be happy to send your gifts of coffee.

Shipping & Contact

How often is the coffee shipped?

Select the frequency that you would like to receive your coffee – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and we’ll make sure you are well stocked.

When will merchandise ship?

Most Brewing equipment and merchandise orders ship out within 1-2 days.

(Coming soon to our website!)

How is shipping calculated?

When purchasing coffee related merchandise from the web store, shipping is figured dynamically, based on weight and destination, and is added at checkout.

For all coffee subscriptions, we offer a flat rate of $5.00 per bag plus only $.50 for each additional bag added.  If you purchase $45.00 or more of coffee, shipping is free!

What shipping methods are available for purchasing regular bags of coffee, merchandise or equipment?

Coffee is shipped via either USPS First Class, USPS Priority or, USPS Priority Express.

First Class and USPS Priority have a stated estimated shipping time of 1-5 days, while USPS Priority Express offers a 1-2 day expedited service.

Can you send me beans to review for my magazine / blog / podcast / newsletter?

As a matter of policy, we don’t like to send out review samples or solicit reviews (but anyone can purchase a Sampler). If you’ve read somebody saying nice things about our coffee, rest assured it is probably because they truly like it and not because we are bribing them

All press, web events, partnerships, sponsorships


All guest support and coffee questions



How much coffee is in a bag?

Standard Bag (12 oz.)

Our Samples (2 oz. each)

How often is the coffee shipped?

Select the frequency that you would like to receive your coffee – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and we’ll make sure you are well stocked.

Do you have Decaf?

We don’t offer it on our current menu.  Please send us a message if you are interested.  Our roaster offers a wonderful decaf and it is possible to get for you.

Are your coffees Fair Trade Certified?

Our coffee roaster is also an international coffee importer!  We proudly place a great amount of emphasis on quality and sustainability, both from an environmental and economic standpoint.  It’s the actual reason our importer got into the coffee business – to help the small communities bring money to help their people.

We purchase a number of coffees from Fair Trade certified cooperatives as well as certified organic farms; however, many producers have decided it’s in their best financial interest to channel their resources toward continued advances in quality and sustainability instead of the expensive process of certification. We factor a producer’s efforts toward greater quality as well as environmental and economic responsibility into our purchasing decisions, regardless of their certification status.

Are your coffees Certified Organic?

Yes! Many of them are. We feel the same about Fair Trade Certification as we do about Certified Organic coffees (see previous question).

Why doesn’t my coffee bag show a roast date?

All of our coffee is roasted to each and every order.  Your roast date is always within 1-3 days upon placing your order.

How should I store my coffee?

“Freshness is key and coffee’s full awesomeness is fleeting.” We recommend using coffee within 20 days after it is roasted. In our experience, the distinct and complex flavors that characterize our coffees will tend to have faded after that point.

We also recommend storing coffee in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light, in its original packaging, or an airtight container.

The levels of moisture present in the refrigerator and freezer can greatly accelerate flavor loss. We don’t recommend storing beans in the refrigerator and can only recommend storage in the freezer under specific circumstances (namely long term, uninterrupted periods).

What brew methods do you recommend?

We source and roast beans that have great versatility across many devices, so the right method often comes down to personal preference. To help with whichever method you choose, we have a variety of resources for your brewing edification.

Our Brewing Guides cover a variety of brew methods in detail.

There are also a number of excellent articles from The Companie Dispatch, covering a number of brewing methods.

As always, we’re also available through the magic of the internet to answer questions, give tips, and provide support. We’re happy to get geeky with you if your brew setup could use a little tweaking!