Carmel Chocolate, & Cherry

This is a very lovely single origin Columbian Narino Excelso EP.  We find this to have a fragrant citrusy flavor.  It’s medium-bodied, rich acidity and a clean and sweet aftertaste.



Whole Bean

12oz / 340g

Grower: Jesus Angel Lopez & family Finca Llano redondo.
Variety: Caturra
Region: Medina Orejuela, Buesaco, Nariño, Columbia.
Harvest: August – September.
Altitude: 2100-2200 masl.
Soil: Sandy loam.
Process: Fully washed after pulping, fermented for 15 hours, then dried under partial shade for 5 days.


Nariño lies in the far south of Colombia, bordering Equador in the high peaks of the Andes. Due to its proximity to the equator, coffee can be grown at very high altitudes in the department, and many farms are located on mountainsides of well over 2000 metres.

The Nariño coffee producing zone presents a combination of factors such as 1666 sunlight hours per year,1866mm (74 inches) of rainfall per year with reliable rainfall patterns  and soils with a high percentage of organic material, all of which make it possible to cultivate coffee at a high altitudes and  cooler than average temperatures.

It would be practically impossible to grow coffee here if the heat that accumulates at the bottom of the canyons during the day did not rise, during the night, to attenuate the cold in the higher mountain regions. But the fact that it does makes for some pretty special coffee.